The Divator octopus breathing valve is one of the best-tested breathing valves available. It will perform even in the most extreme of conditions: mud, oil, and fast flowing cold currents does not have a serious impact on the performance. The breathing valve is balanced and maintain extremely low breathing resistance at all diving depths even if variations occur in the secondary pressure. The combination of high air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the divers performance and endurance.
In the inhalation channel there is a one-way valve to prevent water from penetrating into the valve mechanism where it could freeze and cause the valve to stick in the open position.

Approval : 89/686/EEC
Standard : EN250
Standard (2) : EN250 §5.12.3 cold water performance
Connection : To breathing hose – M16 x 1 male
Medium pressure : 5-11 bar / 72-160 psi