The Divator MKIII regulator has an extremely high flow capacity. The design ensures that the intermediate pressure leading to the breathing valve is stable and is not affected by pressure variations in the air supply or the depth of the dive.
The Divator MKIII includes outlets that provide convenient air supply connections for buoyancy compensating jacket, dry suit and Divator Octopus breathing valve.
Dual first stage regulators integrated in one unit gives the diver great advantages if problem arises during the dive by giving the diver several options to handle the situation.
The MKIII regulator is constructed to give the diver at least two breathing sources, two inflation sources and two ways to isolate air loss.

  • Dual first stage regulators
  • Safe transition into reserve air mode with “Pull for air”-solution
  • Primary regulator can be closed by “Push”-maneuver
  • DP1 high pressure surface supply inlet port
  • Designed for use in cold water
  • Integrated “Bail out” function
  • Outlets for connection of BC, dry suit and Octopus

The MKII regulator is supplied with primary breathing hose, Octopus hose and Octopus breathing valve.

Approval : 89/686/EEC
Standard : EN250
Standard (2) : EN250 §5.12.3 cold water performance
Connection : 4 x 3/8″
Connection (2) : 1 x 7/16